Revolutionary Processes

Using our unique reverse osmosis machine, our NaturLOCK System™ revolutionizes the aloe industry. We’ve engineered the refinement process to preserve as many nutrients as possible, giving our aloe gels and powders a polysaccharide count nearly equal to freshly picked aloe vera leaves. 

Purest Quality Products

Our Aloe Vera 10x Gel gives topical products, natural foods, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and drinks more of the benefits that nature intended. We process our 10x Gels using our NaturLOCK System™, keeping more natural properties intact than any other gel on the market.

Who We Are

Worldwide Satisfaction

Terry Laboratories Global Distributors

What Makes Us Different


Since 1973, Terry Laboratories has pioneered the aloe vera industry, pursuing revolutionary research, development, and groundbreaking new processes.

Reverse Osmosis Manufacturing

Our superior stabilization methods and proprietary reverse osmosis technology allow us to meet demand and surpass expectations.

Most Centralized

We are the only aloe vera concentrate manufacturing company that can test, produce, ship, and sell from a centralized location.

Certified Pure, Organic, and Kosher