From a tiny seed to a beauty store shelf, the process begins with a single plant, aloe barbadensis. Terry Laboratories harvests organic aloe from fair-trade plantations in Mexico.

We harvest non-GMO, pesticide-free fields every 6 to 8 weeks by carefully removing 3-4 leaves from the bottom of every plant, creating a sustainable system for year-round production. Our extensive supply of aloe plants allows us to choose only the freshest and most quality leaves for production.

Start With Nature’s Finest

It’s imperative to send the aloe leaves to production immediately within 2 hours of harvest to retain its natural purity and maintain the highest level of nutrients.

Terry Laboratories has re-engineered the production and refinement process to preserve as many nutrients from our plants as possible, keeping more natural properties intact than any other gel, extracts, concentrates, powders, and shea butter on the market. Browse through our selection of quality products and experience purity as nature intended.