Terry Laboratories would like to announce Rahn USA Corp. as our US distributor. As a company, we’ve had a long-standing relationship with Rahn, as they are currently one of our European distributors. We are looking toward the future with them additionally representing us in the US market.

Terry Labs has been leading the Aloe Vera Industry since 1973 and delivers the purest, highest quality Aloe Vera extracts, concentrates, gels and powders in addition to Aloe Specialty Products. Our Aloe Specialty Products include: Aloe Moist™, Shea Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Shea Butter Fair Trade and Organic Crude Shea Butter, more information on these products can be found under Pure Products.

Rahn Group has a headquarter office in Switzerland, was originally founded in 1940 and has sales activities in 44 countries. As a company with 55 years of international experience, handling unique and auxiliary materials used in some of the most high quality products available and used by the cosmetics industry, the team at Terry Labs is excited for further cooperation for US distribution. The Rahn Group develops and distributes remarkable materials into highly specialized industries.

Like Terry Laboratories, Rahn US keeps the customer at the forefront of operations. They are known for achieving successful, quick and practice-oriented solutions through targeted support. They have a motivated team behind their application technology laboratory that plays a vital role.

Both of our companies share a common vision and are one step ahead of the ‘competition’. Rahn US is not only able to rise to the challenge but succeed at developing effective solutions in the form of product concepts and provide validation in the form of scientific evidence.

No matter if you are dealing with cosmetics, skin care, nutraceuticals, supplements and more, it’s important the components the product is composed of offer traceability, sustainability and transparency… that is exactly what Rahn US and Terry Labs can offer. The gels produced by Terry Labs over the highest concentrations of Acemannan, which is significantly higher than competitors, 9x as high. Markets that utilize our NaturLOCK system include: skin and hair care, pet care, O.T.C. pharmaceuticals and food and beverage products. If you have found our website and would like to inquire about a specific product, please reach out to our sales team. We also have samples available for all products.

Terry Laboratories Certifications

Our products offer quite the lineup of certifications like: Mayacert Organic Cosmetic Certification, FairTSA – Fair Trade Licensed Partner Certificate, Internal Aloe Science Certified, USA Fair Trade Certified, Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America certified, KA Kosher Certified, Mayacert Organic Certification.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about our products, manufacturing methods or anything else, please contact us today by phone or email. The future is bright with Terry Laboratories and Rahn US, below is the contact information for both representatives:

Melissa Padua
1005 North Commons Drive Aurora, IL 60504
M +1 909 374 4547

Alissa Frontauria
1005 North Commons Drive Aurora, IL 60504
M +1 201 397 5746