ost consistent aloe products for our valued distributors. By combining the fundamentals of aloe barbadensis harvesting with the latest science and technology, we can produce a quality product that retains nearly all of its natural properties. Our products contain 100% aloe vera material, forgoing the use of chemical substitutes and additives.

After being picked, most aloe undergoes a process called fileting, where the inner gel is removed by careful cutting. To ensure quality is maintained, the product goes through additional steps to eliminate pulp and fiber. Next, the gel undergoes pasteurization to cleanse it of any impurities. The gel is then filtered and stabilized using our unique process to preserve its color and freshness.

Our powders undergo a similar production process, starting from organically grown aloe plants. Once matured, the leaves are harvested, washed, and fileted by mechanical squeezers. Filets are then rinsed to remove aloin, and put in a grinder when the pulp and fiber are removed. The remaining contents are heat treated and filtered. The resulting concentrate goes through one more filtration process to ensure the level of purity we strive for and is then spray-dried and packaged per customer request.

Specialty products, such as our shea butter, undergo a treatment specifically designed to avoid overrefined or unnecessary processing. The organically grown fruit seeds of the shea tree are harvested, and the green, edible peel is removed to dry out the seeds. Next, the seeds are crushed, roasted, and put through expeller pressing, processing them without the need for chemical solvents. Once pressed, the crude shea butter goes through filtration and is packaged into 55 lb cartons upon customer request.

Revolutionize Quality

In some products, the aloe vera leaves must include the leaf’s entire structure, from the outer rind to the inner parts of the plant. To process these whole leaves, you need to trim off the ends and sides, which under normal circumstances, would result in significant degradation of the polysaccharides, one of aloe vera’s most important active ingredients. However, our proprietary NaturLOCK System™ allows us to create whole-leaf concentrate without losing these critical nutrients. 

Regarding our products, we hold the following guarantees to our consumers:

  • BSE/TSE-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Pesticide-Free
  • No Animal Testing

Terry Laboratories revolutionizes nutrient processing, but don’t take it from us, try our product line for yourself, and experience aloe vera the way nature intended.