When you are looking for an Aloe Vera manufacturer, Terry Laboratories stands out against competitors and has been leading the industry for nearly five decades! The purity found in our Aloe Vera raw material is truly parallel to none.

We offer a variety of quality products that can be used for multiple industries, including: Aloe Vera whole leaf gels, oil extracts, and dried Aloe powders. We also carry Aloe Vera concentrates and organic certified powders, as well as organic and fair-trade shea butters.

As the largest and most trusted manufacturer of Aloe extracts and concentrates, we’re proud to serve a variety of markets with our versatile lineup. Many products used throughout the world are infused with Aloe Vera gels and concentrates, that being said…if the Aloe Vera doesn’t come from a reputable, highly tested company the desired results will not be achieved.

Markets Terry Labs Serves

  • Cosmetics & Skin Care – Aloe Vera is mainly associated with treating sunburns, however, it serves a much larger purpose to the skincare industry. Products made using Aloe can include toners, facial masks, serums, facial cleansers, and more. It can also be used in hair care products and oral care products.
  • Nutritional – Aloe Vera gels and concentrates are also incorporated into a wide variety of supplements and can be made available in capsules, vitamins, tablets, nutraceuticals, animal products like pet care and animal feed.
  • Beverages – When it comes to integrating Aloe Vera into beverages, the possibilities are virtually endless. From juices, juice concentrates to sports rehabilitation and recovery drinks and more. The antioxidant and digestive health properties alone make for the perfect choice for a variety of ailments and with no ailments present, it’s a great way to maintain health and boost immunity.
  • Functional Foods – Also referred to as nutraceuticals, functional foods are highly nutritious and associated with a high number of health benefits. Functional foods are composed of ingredients which extend past the nutritional value. For example, they can help to prevent nutrient deficiencies, lower risk of disease and maintain or promote better health in various systems throughout the body.

We offer Aloe Vera gels and concentrates with an extensive list of benefits in and are proud to produce the purest raw materials on the market. Terry Laboratories has truly revolutionized the industry, with our NaturLOCK™ System, (check out the NaturLOCK page for more information on our process), we preserve more Aloe benefits in a 10X gel than ever imagined.

For more information or samples please contact us by calling 1-800-FOR-ALOE or by filling out the contact form on our website.