If you’re looking for a high-quality Aloe Vera manufacturer with products that are compliant with current EU (European Union) Regulations, look no further! Terry Labs has been leading the Aloe Vera industry for nearly five decades and counting. Originally started in 1973, as a US based company, Terry Labs never stopped growing and improving their products and manufacturing processes.

As a company, they have continuously invested in their production in addition to manufacturing. In fact, their laboratory continuously creates innovative and revolutionary products and processes.

Terry Labs offers industry leading processing methods used throughout their facilities, such as NaturLOCK™ and Cryo Dry™, which not only preserve the Aloe Vera during the manufacturing process but also ensure higher biological activity and higher purity than any other supplier on the market today.

What Does Being Compliant with EU Regulations Mean?

The EU consists of 27 countries located primarily in Europe and includes approximately 500 million people. As far as products are concerned, the EU has rigorous and stringent science-based regulations, which ultimately means better products, more testing and high safety standards. It means Terry Labs products are available to all companies that operate within the EU and can serve hundreds of millions more consumers than its non-EU compliant counterparts.

Terry Laboratories, A Simple Philosophy: Truth & Purity

Whether you are looking for Aloe Vera whole leaf gels, oil extracts, dried Aloe powders or Shea Butters, you can count on Terry Labs for unmatched, guaranteed quality and consistency. To boot, they aren’t afraid to test their products against any other Aloe Vera laboratory or manufacturer and welcome competitors stating “…we’re absolutely confident you won’t find anything even close to the quality of our products.” From plantation to manufacturing and beyond:

  • Centralized – Formulation, production, testing, distribution, customer service, sales, and leadership are all under one roof, Terry Labs is the only Aloe Vera manufacturing company that can add this to their resume.
  • Most Tested – Besides being the one and only Aloe Vera manufacturer to conduct in vitro research to determine biological activity on its own concentrate, they’ve done a number of clinical studies which can be found on their website.
  • Certified & Organic Certification – Certified by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council Inc.) Certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for their complete line of Aloe Vera powders.

Information on everything Aloe Vera can be found through their website along with distributor information, the ability to request samples and much more. Terry Labs offers products available to the following industries: nutritional, cosmetics/skin care, functional foods and beverages.

In their words “We can offer more standard Aloe barbadensis extracts and concentrates, crude and fair-trade organic shea butters, as well as custom ordered products, than any of our competitors.” The best Aloe Vera second to mother nature is found here!